Dr. Meredith Watson

We are about to get schooled by my guest today. Dr. Meredith Watson is a Psychoneuroimmunology Pharmacological Therapist. She has such a beautiful and empathetic soul and our connection was immediate and genuine. I hope you enjoy learning from her as much as I did.
I really like how Dr. Meredith spoke to our motives, especially when it comes to being an ally. We must questions ourselves as to why we want to be this….so that we look good, are seen, for our own ego. We can't say we're an ally and only do it when it's convenient. I'm speaking to myself here too. I often feel like giving up, thinking my effort isn't enough. But it's not about me. It's about us and what is best for the common good. If my voice, actions, money, or other contributions help better someone else's life and ease the burden they are carrying even for the smallest bit of time, then it's worth it. Helen Keller is credited with saying, "Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." I think that is appropo for this cause.

We've heard other guests refer to the Ripple effect before. And each time I hear it, it sinks in deeper and deeper. I needed the reminder, yet again, that people's responses have nothing to do with me and say more about them and what they're going through. I can choose to either take things personally or hold space for what people may be struggling with right now. This was a timely and necessary reminder for me this week.

Lastly, Dr. Meredith's encouragement about being open to learning really excited me. I've met so many people afraid to question, afraid to go beyond their comfort zones, heck, for years, I was one of those people. Her insight that some people don't want to know because they're afraid of what they'll learn or that listening to another point of view might put a crack in the foundation of what they believe was spot on. What apt advice she gave...use the crack in your foundation to let the light in. Fear keeps us bound up and locked in to only what we know or are familiar with. Learning and expanding our views sets us and those around us free to become the best version of ourselves.

Dr. Meredith is offering a discount for her therapy services to anyone who mentions that they heard her on the Gramercy Podcast. Please check out the show notes for more information and a link to her website. Thank you Dr. Meredith for the reminder that we don't have to live attached to fear and the story we tell ourselves. We can choose to grow, unlearn old habits, and heal from within. Thank you also for leading by example with your generous assumptions. May we all learn to be as generous with grace as Meredith has.

Dr. Meredith - "Live a life you love, and love the life you live. Treat people the way you want to be treated."

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