Elizabeth Randall Hebert

Today I am going to introduce you to one of the most driven, strong women I have ever met: Elizabeth Randall Hebert. As you will learn from her story, she is factually innocent. She had no reason to believe the system would not work for her. Yet she ended up behind bars. Elizabeth is now a fierce advocate for the formerly incarcerated, helps with re-entry programs, and speaks out for justice reform and against the injustice of the system to bring awareness.
Elizabeth's one tip to make the world a better place reiterated a long held truth, but also one I easily forget. Communication is key. I needed that reminder that "conflict is based on false perceptions of the other person's role and capabilities, and without asking, you have no idea what you're asking of them. You're assuming how they feel and what they meant, based on your life experiences" This is exactly what I needed to hear at this exact moment in life. 

Her advice about taking whatever is making you angry and re-channeling it to drive your ambition is a powerful exhortation that we can all benefit from. Re-framing a problem in a different light is the beginning of changing our mindset. And as we have learned all too well on this podcast, your mindset is the key to everything. Elizabeth is no stranger to this tactic. Like she said, "there is no such thing as a problem, only an opportunity to succeed." And that is truly how she lives her life. May we all learn to view our challenges as opportunities...just as Elizabeth has.

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